If you want to show a bit of national pride, we are right there with you. Here at Canadian Auto World, we have a rundown of the longest lasting and most popular Canadian car brands. Many of them produce work vehicles or other unique business solutions, which has let them stay competitive in the increasingly diverse world auto market.

Top Canadian Automakers

We narrowed the list down to four of the top automakers in Canada, with production going back as far as 1924.

  • Intermeccanica: Active from 1959 until now, Intermeccanica was originally based in Italy before moving to Canada, and specializes in building high-performance vehicles with large V8 engines like the Italia Spyder, Griffith 600 Coupe, and the Indra.
  • Bombardier (BRP): Established in 1942, Bombardier’s Recreational Products division (BRP) is known for specializing in snowmobiles, motorcycles, and ATVs.
  • Campagna Corporation: Founded in 1990, Campagna Corporation is sometimes referred to at “T-Rex Vehicles” for their development of automobiles with two wheels in the front and one in the back.
  • Prevost: Since 1924, Prevost has been making commercial vehicles like coaches and heavy buses and has six different service and parts centers in North America.

While many of these automakers specialize in work or niche vehicles, they make it easy for businesses and outdoor adventurers stay loyal to Canadian brands.

There are a range of other Canadian automakers too – including CAMI Automotive, Dynasty Electric Car Corporation, HTT Automobile, and Zenn Motor Company – as well as a handful that have had impressive legacies and no longer build cars. There’s nothing stopping you from searching for used vehicles from Brooks Steam Motors, though Gray Dort Motors and McLaughlin Automobile tend to appeal more to collectors, having gone out of business in 1925 and 1918, respectively.

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